• Childproof Sky

    A Cherry Dress Chapbooks 2023 selection


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  • About the Book


    Trapper Markelz (he/him) writes from Arlington, Massachusetts. His work has appeared in the journals Baltimore Review, Stillwater Review, Bangalore Review, Wild Roof Journal, Greensboro Review, High Shelf Press, Dillydoun Review, Passengers Journal, and many others.


    Childproof Sky is a 22-poem, 31-page chapbook about the loss of a daughter from SIDS in 2009 captured from the perspective of a father and husband. The poems span 13 years and touch on moments of loss, sadness, resilience, love, and hope.


    Childproof Sky was selected for publication by Cherry Dress Chapbooks in 2023.

  • Poems From Childproof Sky

    Here are some poems from the chapbook published in various literary journals

    Published June 2022

    Childproof Sky is available in print issue 45.2 of The Journal

    Published May 2022

    You Will Need Foor For The Journey was available in Issue XXXIII of High Shelf Press. Watch a reading of the poem.

    Published August 2021

    Read more work by Trapper Markelz at https://trappermarkelz.medium.com